Monday, January 9, 2012

Faith without deeds is dead

I’ve taken a break from blog writing to get my academic life sorted out. Last year I returned to University (because apparently a PhD in chemistry does NOT guarantee one a job), sometimes you have to prioritize.

Anyhow during my time “away from bloging” (does Facebook count?) I observed several people claiming to be “warriors” not living up to the title. As the title of this post (a line from a New Zealand singer song writers song).

The lines that got me thinking for this entry was

now that I have seen, I am responsible
Faith without deeds is dead

It is strange that a song by a Pentecostal Christian artist should elicit this response in an openly Neopagan curmudgeon like myself, but it did. I’ve long noticed a deep theme of non-responsibility in the neopagan subculture. The word duty (much like the warrior) often elicits a negative response. Our ancestors certainly understood the terms, yet today many people shy from these concepts.  I have heard explanations such as “individuality” and “creativity” thrown about. Which is fair, except for a warrior, responsibility is indeed paramount , you take an action, knowing it most likely has consequences, an you are willing to accept those, because you feel you know the “right action”.

As the lines say:
now that I have seen, I am responsible
Faith without deeds is dead

So yes this means your personal life, your professional life, all of your life. To not accept this responsibility means you cannot be a warrior. Being a warrior is not a hobby, just as a surgeon, lawyer, or soldier is also no place for amateurs. You must strive to be excellent, and balanced. With power comes responsibility, and abuse of power is the path of the thug, despot, and criminal (none of which is a warrior).



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AmethJera said...

There are various verses in the Torah, Koran and Bible which loosely state that "Faith without works is dead". If you do not perform the tasks required of the position, you do not deserve the title.I am uncomfortably aware and deeply distressed to see those in our Pagan community who take on titles without doing the work, whether that be studying to enlighten the self,teaching the mysteries to others or giving back to society in another way. Proclamation of your self- perceived credentials does not make you an elder or a teacher any more than simply going to Hot Topic and purchasing a chrome=plated pentagram makes you a Pagan. It is the work and sacrifice that brings faith alive.