Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eating Bitterness

The Shaolin monks have an expression they use to admonish students who become discouraged after encountering difficulties and obstacles in their path: Eat bitterness. I really like this analogy: You take that obstacle or problem, chew on it, extract the lessons, the value from it, process it, and then leave it behind you as waste that can become fertilizer for future projects for both yourself and others on your path. The knights of my Order of Scáthach dump the fears that they've overcome in a place outside our group astral temple in a place we call the "Perilous Glen": These become symbols of their achievement, examples to those that follow on behind them on this path of what can be overcome and reminders to them (should they need it) of obstacles to avoid in future. Obstacles become stepping stones to achievement and then symbols of their triumph.
Obstacles and reversals are a part of everyday living. There are some variables in life over which nobody has any control, like the earthquake and tsunami which just happened in Japan. Modern knights, however, place themselves fully in charge of those things in their lives that they do have control over. Doing this offsets the effect of life’s variables. We have control over many of the things that go wrong in our lives. It is amazing how many people out there fail to take advantage of this ability to control their fate. They sit back and pray for someone to help them instead of looking within for the means to help themselves. So ask yourself this: What can I do today to change my world? You are the only person who can change the situation that you find yourself in.
Modern knights are shape shifters, making adjustments to handle the situations that they find themselves in. You shape your life and behavior to sway life’s circumstances to your advantage. Modern knights own up to their mistakes and their shortcomings and do something about them. The Wiccan Rede tells us “harm none”, and that includes ourselves. If you want to master your situation, you need to master yourself first. You are not at the mercy of the elements and fate unless you chose to be. Chose power and you won’t have these problems.
And if you come up against an obstacle in your path? Simple. Eat bitterness.
In Her Service, Kerr Cuhulain
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Blackbird said...

Very interesting concept and I totally agree - "Obstacles become stepping stones to achievement and then symbols of their triumph."

Great article.

Kerr Cuhulain said...

Thanks for the kind words, blackbird.
In Her Service, Kerr