Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Some of you are probably looking at that title and wondering if my “world class spelling skills” are back. No that is a real word. *Ghosti is a reconstructed Proto Indo-European (PIE) word. The * denotes reconstruction. The word is where the terms host and guest both have evolved from. It deals with refers to the reciprocal relationships of hospitality.

This is an important concept. Many conflicts start where one half of this is ignored. People showing up expecting a gracious host, but forgetting that they themselves are expected to be good guests. Many Indo-European (IE) tales tell of misunderstandings that stem from this flaw. A host forgetting to make sure the guests are all well taken care of, and one of those guests is in fact a deity in disguise (D’OH). Or the “Heroes portion” being disputed.

If we take this to the real world. How often do we see people take umbrage that they were “ignored” by the host. Or that their guests were rude. I can personally admit I recently screwed up with*ghosti at an event. A guest decided to be less than good and bad mouthed the event. I in return publicly berated them. We both failed the *ghosti test.

So in this silly season (the holidays). Will you be a good guest and or a gracious host?

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