Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yes I currently have a theme going on in my blog. Like I’ve hinted I’ve am going through a very turbulent time at the moment. It culminated a few days ago with an email from someone who should have been a friend. Someone who led me to believe I could rely on them no matter what. The email was in essence an attack at my ego. Each line was finely crafted, and toxic. Each attack was gauged to attack what was a perceived weak spot. This person calls himself or herself a warrior. This person claims to be above such things. But they like me are frail and human and prone to mistakes. Unlike me. They do not admit this. It is others not them. It failed. I did not fall in to despair. Rather it lit a fire in my brain. I took the criticism that was valid, and filtered the rest away. I was panning for gold. So after accountability. There comes responsibility. Those who tread the warrior’s path. Need to remember this word. A warrior out of control is not responsible. A warrior who does not repay a kindness is not responsible. Along with balance and accountability comes responsibility. It again is ok for a warrior to be human and make mistakes. Our gods are not perfect so how can we be? However it is still our responsibility to be responsible (sorry I was waiting to use that one). If someone helps you, and in turn needs help. Then you give it. Or if you cannot, you find someone who can. If you see someone in pain, you find a way to lessen it. If you make a pact with someone, you keep it. If you call someone friend, you act like one. If you act poorly, you admit it (accountability). It’s that simple. A warrior is not weapons, martial arts or mystic mumbo jumbo. No a warrior is someone who tries to live life in balance. Who owns up to mistakes, and lives up to obligations. When they fail. They admit it, and do better. If you make a mistake, and you admit it. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is allowed to beat you up over it. If it is breaking the law. Then you pay a consequence. But you cannot be bullied, blackmailed or guilt tripped forever over it.

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