Monday, January 26, 2009

Accountability. (YES THAT MEANS YOU)

My that is a rather large word. It has a lot of implications too. The path of the warrior (and this is simply me) relies on the person involved being accountable. Notice I say accountable. Not perfect. No one is perfect. But if you are accountable, you are being true. We all make mistakes. Trust me on this one. I’ve made some huge ones lately. Here comes the accountability part. I owned up. I took the consequences. I did not flinch. I am making the changes I have to make to not make them again. This is what it means to be a warrior. It is not being perfect. It is not about a cold heart. It’s not even about accepting the consequences. That is part of it. But learning is more part of it. Don’t make the mistake again, or at least try too. To blame others (voices in the head, the Devil also count as blaming others) is the path of the weak. That is self-delusion. Own up to what you did. Stand tall and admit it. I’ve done this enough times. The warrior will dust himself or herself off and move on. They don’t angst over it for weeks, months, and years. They do not say they are the victims when they willingly went to the situation. No that is not the Warrior. So a warrior holds themselves accountable. Even when they are wrong. Even when they screw up. I have a message for any one who cares. If you have any questions. Email me. Otherwise just keep reading
PS yes this post was pointed at some people (Fearn, Amanda *Wave*)


Diana Boston said...

Through Morning Star's profile I was introduced to your blog. It's good to see a Pagan writing so fully with the heart and willing to accept the task that is 'life' with its ups and downs, all of its' perfections and imperfections.

Your writing reminds me of what it takes to be a Blue Angel (yes, the US Navy and Marine Corp flight demonstration team).

The reason they can fly the way they do, and the reason they have the respect that they do is due to the intense process they have. They call it 'becoming Blue'.

It involves taking responsiblity, owning up to errors and saying 'I'll fix it' and at the end of this fessing up they say 'I'm glad to be here.'

Mark Provo (USN) Ret. just wrote a book about the life lessons involved in becoming a Blue Angel. I think you might find many wonderful things in this book.


Anonymous said...

Without a dought the Blue Angles are one of the top of our armed forces. such should be the case in the pagan community as well. If leaders can't take responsibilty why should others????? Aren't they supose to lead by example and trust. That I believe is what earns respect.
Thank U

Noinden said...

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