Friday, January 4, 2008

Ethics and all that

So I’ve spoken about Honor, now lets talk about ethics (and all that).

I’ve alluded to the fact that I think a lot of Wiccan’s use an amendment to Rede as a back door to being unethical; similarly I’ve suggested I think the modern Pagan community is a little self absorbed and individualistic.

For the warrior acting ethically is unquestionable. For a community to accept you, you have to show you can be trusted to serve. You cannot decide when and where you will behave in the manner that the community wants. Now this behavior includes acting WITHIN the laws of society.

Imagine (if you will) a pagan “warrior” getting caught acting in an unlawful unethical manner. The media would have a field day. We would be branded a dangerous to society (well ok more so than we already are by the religious Reich). The idea of pagan warriors would be warped to an “anti government militia” or worse “terrorists.”

Overreacting am I? Look at how Islam is being branded. Not only are the extremists (rightfully) being labeled as dangerous (any religious extremist is dangerous) but your average Muslim is also being considered suspect.

Now this is very unfair, as the number of dangerous Christian groups out there is on the rise, but it happens.

Thus being ethical is paramount.



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