Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Who am I

Hello there I am Noinden Tain. I’m a Neopagan Druid on the red branch of the warrior. Well ok I am a Neopagan Gael-centric spiritualist who focus’s on the warrior caste. That tends to elicit rather glazed expressions, so I stick with Neopagan Druid Warrior;)

What does that mean? Well what it means is I study the ways of my genetic ancestors (the Gaels, ie Scotts and Irish, also the welsh and the Scandinavians) and try to adapt these to a culturally acceptable form for today. This means no head hunting, blood eagles, Wicker men, and only the occasion deposit of hordes in lakes.

As a “warrior” I try to serve as a buffer between conflict and my chosen community. To that end I set up a non-denominational Warriors Lodge (the term for a grouping of Warriors who seek to connect spiritually) about 2 years ago. It currently has between 10 and fifteen members (depending on how many graduate the current intake of learners). We are NOT Jedi , or a pagan militia and we run the whole range of Neopagan and Mesopagan faiths. We are not the pagan police (unless asked to act that way) and are not affiliated with any one group.

I practice Military Unarmed Combat of the Fairbairn-Applegate-Sykes-Todd lineage, this is my “marital art” although it’s not your typical competition art, as we don’t hold competitorns or have fancy belts for achievement (there are three levels of achievement and only two are tested, the third is on going learning). I also am active in the ADF (www.adf.org) and their warrior’s guild (http://www.adfwarriors.org) and have been since mid 1999.

So how am I “qualified” to speak on this topic? How is anyone qualified to speak on any topic? I’ve studied, screwed up, and talked with others. I’ve taught and learned. Read and written. This is MY journey and not the definitive journey of the Warrior. Enjoy. Show respect or be net koped ;)

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